Our Virtual Airline consists of getting together on a regular basis in order to fly together and enjoy events based on IFATC Schedules. Vistara Virtual Airlines promotes and expects a non-judgmental and supportive attitude from pilots.

Vistara Virtual Airlines is committed to becoming one of the Best Virtual Airline from the Indian Sub-Continent. We have a group of pilots flying to & from India to establish our existence & provide the luxury experience while you fly with us! Our integrated Airtable helps pilots accurately plan & fly new routes based on the IFATC Schedule every week. Our newly launched Website gives a detailed overview of our VA from the Fleet to the Destinations & the Gallery where your photo will be selected to be featured in our Website & Instagram.

We can’t wait to see you flying with us.

If you’re interested in joining or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer


Events Manager


As the CEO of Vistara Virtual Airlines, I would like to say our Virtual Airline Community has a very kind, respectful & welcoming staff to get along with once you become one of us! With our selected codeshare airlines & routes, I assure you that you will fly great routes & discover new places while you enjoy your stay. I hope to see you soon & fly together in the sky. Thank you & welcome onboard Vistara Virtual Airlines.

Vistara Airlines is the best full-service airline in India known for providing great comfort and timings. Founded only recently and backed by Singapore Airlines and the well known Tata Group from India, they have been scripting tremendous growth. Vistara Virtual is likewise, having been founded recently is trying to replicate and imbibe the qualities of the actual Vistara Airlines in a virtual environment, with the ever-increasing Vistara routes, as well as some great codeshare partnerships. With new additions to the fleet of Vistara Airlines coming at a rapid pace, we wish the same to happen to our liveries in IF itself. Because who wouldn’t like to fly that beautiful aircraft!

Mafiaviation (CEO)

Sanket Pandia (UKVA014)



Discord : Your Place to Talk & Hang Out

Vistara Virtual Airlines uses a free application called Discord for all internal communications. It’s a great way for pilots from all over the world to exchange conversations for getting to know each other, share stories, and even plan a group flight. For the staff members, we use it to keep everyone informed about things going on (# announcements, # ROTW & many more) in the VA community; for example - VA events, new features and routes.

For all external communications, we use the Infinite Flight Community to update our community members. Follow our IFC Account to keep in touch & for more latest updates!

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Vistara Virtual Airlines is not related to the real world Vistara Airlines, TATA Sons, Singapore Airlines & the TATA-SIA JV.
This virtual airline is strictly for use within the flight simulator – Infinite Flight®

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